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Church Vendor Program

Sample ImageThe Church Vendor Program is a way to assist a vendor's sales staff in selling equipment to their prospective church customers. It provides the sales representative with payment options, at the time of the sale, when a church is most interested in acquiring the equipment. The Global Church Financing Vendor Program can help a vendor in providing their church customers with an alternative to large cash expenditures. This can make the difference between facilitating the sale or losing it. Remember churches like to hold onto their savings not spend it.


Marketing Support

Sample ImageWith marketing support from Global Church Financing your establishment will be set up proffesionally to offer and accept applications from churches for approval. What we do is custom print signs and brochures with your company name to be placed around your establishment. This lets potential customers know you offer financing while still maintaining that proffesional look.

Sales Support

Sample Image Every one of our approved vendors is assigned a personal account representative to assist their sales team in closing more financing transactions. Our reps are waiting to help take an application over the phone or just explaine to customers in your establishment how the program works. We help close more sales while the customer is in your store.

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